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  • Milo Clark

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    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Milo never imagined becoming a dog trainer. He didn’t grow up with dogs, and he didn’t get his first dog until he was 21 when he rescued an elderly Chihuahua named Spunky. When the dog presented undesirable behaviors, Milo followed the advice of the only professional dog trainer he had encountered: Cesar Milan. When Milo attempted a prescribed “alpha roll” on little Spunky, she was terrified and it took Milo months to rebuild the trust required to be able to hold and groom the frightened dog. After that defining moment, he decided that he would never use force on a dog again. From there, Milo experimented with reward based training with his tiny dog until Spunky’s death a few years later. When she passed, he did not expect to get another dog, or do any more training.

    Years later, a few months after moving to Denver, Milo was unexpectedly offered the opportunity to study positive reinforcement training through Petco and begin training dogs professionally, which he expected to be a fun way to work through college. Little did he know, when he learned how to communicate with dogs effectively, he would feel compelled to keep building his skills. Helping people understand their dogs better became his favorite thing to do, and the idea of pursuing any other career fell by the wayside.

    He has trained over 70 dogs in the last year using force free training methods, fostered a reactive basenji mix so he could easily find his forever home, and expanded his research and knowledge on his own time by attending seminars and reading scientific studies. In the process, he discovered that he has a special passion for energetic working dogs, and the high intensity sports that they excel in. He is raising his first puppy, a Bluetick Coonhound named Malcolm, and together they are training in obedience, nose work and tracking, and protection sports like IPO. Milo’s goal as a dog trainer is to promote relationship forward, force free dog training, especially as applied to working and sporting dogs who are still frequently subjected to harsh and coercive methods.

    Now Milo has expanded his dog training experience to running the Noble Beast’s North Denver location hosting the one of a kind Group Day Training Program for the dogs at that location and excited to be a part of this amazing dog training team!

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