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  • Kari Houston

    Posted January 26, 2009 By in With | Comments Off on Kari Houston

    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    All my life I have loved and owned dogs.  After I adopted my first dog I realized the potential dogs have to learn, and dog training became a focal point for me. He taught me patience, the meaning of true love, and how to break the language barrier we had.  Dogs have a keen intelligence that really intrigues me. 

    Shortly after adopting my first dog I started my employment at a doggy day care facility, thinking this would be the best way to develop my dog training skills as I would be around dogs all day long!  As mentioned before, I have always loved dogs, but after working at the doggy day care – I was a goner!  Dogs had completely won me over.   Although I was in charge of many dogs in a single moment, I felt I had a personal relationship with each individual dog, and they were as receptive of me as I was to them – which was not the case with all the dog handlers at the daycare.  Because of this experience, I began self-studying and learning about different dog training techniques and methods AND how to help their owners.  Then after I adopted my second dog, I realized that my long-term passion, dreams, and career goals was anchored in working with these amazing and beautiful animals.  I adopted my second dog when she was a puppy, which taught me just how important training your dog at an early age can be.  As a dog owner, I realized that the effort you put into your relationship with your dog, as well as your dog’s training, will determine the success of your dog’s ability to be able to cope with real life situation and social skill.  Helping owners understand the important of this is very important to me – because it means dog will have better more fulfilling lives.  In the end, your efforts will show in the growth your dog makes, and as time passes enable a solid bond & connection that inevitably with grow for years to come!

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