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  • Kara Caplan

    Kara Caplan

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    Kara Y. Caplan
    CPDT-KA/Day Trainer/Obedience Trainer/NIC certified ASL interpreter

    When Kara was in middle school, she didn’t babysit like her peers; she trained dogs! It all started when Kara’s parents brought home the cutest Blue Heeler puppy, originally for her oldest brother. Kara quickly took over the care and training of young Diamond. A willful, energetic pup though Diamond was, Kara discovered that with patience and quiet, calm communication, a true understanding took place. It wasn’t long before Diamond walked beautifully by Kara’s side, sat, lay down, did long stays and came when Kara called. Diamond was even invited to perform onstage with Kara doing circus-like tricks during a children’s theater production.

    This passion led Kara to read every dog training book on the library shelf. She joined 4-H, competed, and won several obedience competitions. Years later, Kara enrolled in the Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Trainer Academy (Lakewood, CO), formally learning a scientifically proven, gentle (yet effective) training method, otherwise known as positive reinforcement. With months of studying and hundreds of hours of teaching and apprenticing under her belt, Kara soon earned her certification for professional dog trainers.

    Kara is also a nationally certified sign language interpreter and absolutely loves how this gorgeous way to communicate melds so magically with training dogs. They say that 85% of human communication is in our body language. Kara would guess it may be closer to 95% with dogs, so it is vital we learn how THEY communicate in order to be more effective in training with them. This is why she emphasizes learning canine body language basics in her classes.

    Kara prides herself in listening to her clients; and understands that there is not only one way to teach a dog a skill. She encourages pet parents to ask questions. She believes that we are all in this together, and training should be a joyful experience for canine and human alike. Kara is honored to be a member of the Noble Beast family, and looks forward to meeting you!

    Mindy Jarvis
    Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant / Owner of Noble Beast Dog Training

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