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  • Justin Murphy

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    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Justin has always been a dog lover, and finally got one back in the 6th grade when his mom and dad made him earn the privilege of owning and caring for a dog by scoring straight A’s in school!  From that day forth, he ALWAYS had a dog as a family member and was committed to learning and understanding everything about dogs.  He even devoted one of his college research projects to Border Collies!

    Growing up on a farm in a small town in Ohio, dogs were a part of everything he did – hunting, camping, fishing, 4 wheeling, hikes, running etc.  He seemed to have a natural connection with dogs, with a knack for developing a natural and trusting bond with most any dog he came in contact with.

    When he moved to Denver in 2014, Justin started a career in the pet sitting business care for dogs when people went on vacations. That in addition to owning his own pups, has kept him quite busy with his canine companions!  In this he found he had a solid ability to help dogs comingle socially with each other which sparked his interest in becoming a dog trainer.   It was at this time that he reached out to Noble Beast Dog Training for the opportunity to follow his dreams.

    Justin is not only great with dogs, but loves to work with and help people as well.  In addition to his dog care business, Justin has extensive experience in managing, leading, and customer service.  His ability to connect, engage, and coach people shines through the moment you converse with him – which is exactly what you want in a dog trainer!

    Justin is a proud father of his 3 year old son Kian and owns an Elkhound/Lab mix named Buster, and a Border Collie mix named Ace who he takes when he climbs 14er’s, snowboarding, and multi day backpacking trips.

    Justin is eager and excited to continue his dog training education and career with Noble Beast Dog Training, which enables him to offer the most current and scientific dog training methods to dog owners to ensure their successes with their dogs!

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