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  • Courtney Cravens

    Courtney Cravens

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    Obedience Trainer/Behavior Consultant

    Courtney, being very new to Denver, and in a recent job search, could not resist applying to be a dog trainer for Noble Beast Dog Training because of her passion and love for dogs.  Due to her drive and commitment to bettering the lives of dogs and a desire to help people, she joined the Noble Beast family as a Group Day Trainer.  Courtney is an avid clicker trainer, although versed in many positive training methods, and continues to educate herself on positive relationship focused training. Courtney takes pride in her enthusiasm in learning all she can about dog behavior and training. Courtney’s goal is to provide pet parents with the necessary tools and education to build a relationship, train, and manage their pet’s behavior without having to resort to aversive methods. Since moving to Colorado and not quite settling in, Courtney is dog-less, but is anxious to get a dog of her own when the time is right! 

    Courtney discovered her passion for dog training at a young age, growing up in a household and having a family who shared the same passion and love for teaching and training dogs.  While in high school, Courtney developed an interest in dog sitting for people while they were out of town for business or simply on vacation, as well she started volunteering to walk dogs for disabled and elderly people in the community.  Shortly after she graduated from high school, she had decided to go to Med School, but she simply could not envision a career that did not involve dogs, so moved in a completely different direction, feeling blessed and honored to be a part of the Noble Beast Dog Training team, for which she knows will provide growth as a trainer, but also as an individual.

    Mindy Jarvis
    Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant / Owner of Noble Beast Dog Training

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