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Special Events

  • Dr. Claudia Fugazza, PH.D.

         Do As I Do Dog Training Seminar

             A new training technique based on social learning


    February 18TH & 19TH 2017 from 9am – 5pm

    At the Noble Beast Dog Training & Education Center

    4335 Vine Street, Denver, CO  80216

    Working spot tickets – $250

    All other tickets – $200

    10% EARLY BIRD discount on tickets purchased by 1/17/16

    Social learning means acquiring new behaviors from the observation of others.  Recent ethological studies revealed the social cognitive abilities of dogs and demonstrated that they are surprisingly predisposed to learn socially from humans.

    Do as I Do is a new training method based on dog’s social cognitive skills, particularly on his imitative ability.  With this technique dogs will learn new behaviors observing and imitating their owners.  During the seminar Dr. Fugazza will describe how to teach dogs the “imitation rule” and how to progress through the training protocol.  Dogs will first be taught to imitate a small set of familiar actions (actions already trained with traditional techniques) and will then generalize this rule.  At the end of the training protocol, the owner will be able to teach new behaviors to their dogs, simply showing them what to do. These new actions will be then put under verbal cue.  Dr. Fugazza will also explain what are the cognitive abilities implied in imitation and in this training techniques which is the first training method based on dog’s social cognitive skills.

    There will only be 10 dog/handler working spots available – first come first serve.

     Requirements for a working spot:

    • The dogs that participate in a working spot will be required to be able to perform at least 3 behaviors on verbal cue (no gestures), PLUS should know the “sit and stay” commands.
    • Before starting the seminar we will examine the dogs and only the dogs that meet these requirements will be allowed to take part – EVEN IF YOU HAVE PAID FOR A WORKING SPOT.
    • You as the owner can choose which 3 behaviors your dog will perform, but please note that they should be ‘imitable’ actions. This means you as the owner can perform and demonstrate (so, NO passing under the owner’s legs, giving the paw to the owner etc.). Here are some examples:
    • You must bring the objects you are using (if any) for the 3 behaviors your dog will be performing.

    All working spots will have FREE online support for the preparation of your dogs via video submission sent via Facebook, YouTube, or mail.  

    ALL TICKET HOLDERS will get access to Claudia’s lecture at DU on Monday morning at no extra charge!

    (This lecture will only be offered to DU Staff & Students!)

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