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    Clive D.L. Wynne, PhD
    Dog Behavior Scientist

    The SKINNY on dogs – Scientifically speaking!

    May 28th, 2017 from 9am – 5pm

    At the Noble Beast Dog Training & Education Center
    4335 Vine Street, Denver, CO  80216

    EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for tickets purchased before 5/21/17 – only $50

    Tickets purchased after 5/21/17 – $65

    IAABC is awarding 7 and CCPDT is awarding 2 CEUs for trainers and 5 CEUs for behavior consultants

    There is SO much information out there on dogs, their relations to wolves, dog behavior, how to train them, how they relate to humans, how we should treat them – much that is outdated and some studies that have even been retracted and changed!  Different experts offer contradictory advice and whether you are a dog owner or a dog trainer, in a domain where the science is thin and the public is often bewildered by his best friend, answers are needed – but a rush to prescriptions in the absence of evidence is only a recipe for more confusion.

    In light of scientific evidence of how dog behavior works, don’t miss this opportunity to get the most current information on the following topics:

    • Origins of Dogs (latest genetics, archaeology-it’s a fast developing area)
    • Dogs and Wolf behavior compared (what makes dogs unique, etc.)
    • Canine Cognition (the new stuff on dog “smarts”)
    • The science of dog love (more and more I’m coming the view that it’s affection that makes dogs remarkable).
    • Behavioral approaches to behavioral problems (including Dominance, training methods etc.)

    Ethologist and Canine Cognition Expert Professor Clive DL Wynne is Head of the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University, and Director of Research of Wolf Park.  He was educated at University College London and Edinburgh University in Scotland and has studied animal behavior in Britain, Germany, the U.S. and Australia in species ranging from pigeons to dunnarts (a mouse-sized marsupial). Several years ago he founded the Canine Cognition and Behavior Lab dedicated to understanding the behavior of dogs and their wild relatives with the aim of improving the relationship between people and dogs. As well as numerous scientific papers, he has also written for Psychology Today, American Scientist, the New York Times, and other outlets. He is often quoted in print media and radio, and his science has been featured on several TV shows such as National Geographic, Nova ScienceNow and others. He is the author of a textbook Animal Cognition now in a new edition, and editor in chief of the journal Behavioral Processes. His most recent books are Do Animals Think? (Princeton Univ. Press, 2004) & Animal Cognition: Evolution, Behavior and Cognition (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

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