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Paws 4 Fitness Workout Class – A workout class for BOTH you and your dog!

  • Most of us would agree that working out with your best buddy is one of the best ways to stick with a workout program!  Well Noble Beast Dog Training has paired up with Isabel Chamberlin, NSCA certified personal trainer and owner of Paws 4 Fitness, to provide you with a class that supports the health and well-being for both you and your furry friend!

    Fitness is fundamental to staying young, vibrant, healthy, & agile. It also helps to reduce common dog behavior problems.  The Paws4Fitness class provides unique workouts unlike any other in Denver.  Why leave your dog at home while you go to the gym? At this classes, you’ll both get a workout.  Have fun and bond with your dog while you both increase your fitness levels. Workout with fellow dog lovers & motivate each other to get in shape.  It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in now, workouts are for all fitness levels consisting of interval training, cardio, core & strength training, followed by stretching to give you & your dog a complete & balanced workout.

    Register today and commit to a workout program that supports a healthier you, helping you obtain the body you have always wanted while at the same time ensuing your dog’s health needs are met.

    All classes are 1 hour long and although you do need to sign up for each class you take, there is no set curriculum, so you don’t have to worry about missing a class, come when it is convenient for you – but remember consistency to your workout plan is a key component for both you and your pup!

    • $20 per single class
    • $17 per class when you purchase a 5 pack for $85
    • $14 per class when you purchase a 10 pack for $140
    • $11 per class when you purchase a 15 pack for $165


    (But be sure to check our schedules page in case there is a closure!)


    • There are 12 open spots in each class listed on our schedule.


    You MUST PRE-REGISTER and send over proof of vaccines by 5pm on Friday to attend a class the following Saturday.  If you don’t have internet or email capabilities, please let us know so we can modify this process for you.

    • Noble Beast Dog Training is a family friendly organization and encourages the entire family to take part of the family dogs education & experiences, however because this class is extremely active and to ensure that all enrollees have a great workout experience, we do have a few rules
      • No children under the age of 8
      • 1 guest limit – All guests, including children 8 years or older, will be expected to observe the class quietly, and will not be allowed to participate in the workout activities. If you would like your guest to participate then they must register and pay for the class ahead of time like all other participants.
      • DRESS IN LAYERS – Our facility is heated, but is after all a warehouse, so the temperatures may vary on any given day, especially in the winter seasons. In addition, your trainer may have you doing activities out in the dog yard, so please dress for the weather (you and your dog) and be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing that you can work out in!
      • Due to the nature of the class, we cannot allow dogs in class with moderate to severe reactivity of any nature. Arousal and barking in the beginning of class is very normal, but once class starts your dog should be able to settle in to the class fairly quickly and not be triggered into a reactivity when they see other dogs.

    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS CLASS BUT FEEL YOUR DOG NEEDS WORK IN THIS AREA, PLEASE CONSIDER PRIVATE COACHING TO WORK ON THIS CHALLENGE – Please visit the ‘Private In Home Training, Behavior Modification, & Private Socialization Training/Evaluations’ section on our Services Page by following this link – SERVICES

    PLEASE NOTE – Once you and your pup have registered with Noble Beast Dog Training, there is no need to register with us again.  To enroll for future fitness classes, simply send us an email or bookmark this page and fill out the form below – YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE REGISTRATION PROCESS AGAIN!

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