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Noble Beast Rally-O

  • Rally obedience, or “Rally-O”, is a fun obedience sport that combines the elements of obedience and agility. It is more relaxed than precision competitive obedience, focusing instead on attitude and enthusiasm as the variety of exercises and courses allow you to show off your versatility and teamwork. Rally-O emphasizes fun and excitement for the dog/handler team while providing an interactive approach to obedience. The focus is on teamwork, communication and fun, rather than precision. The exercises involved in the course will help build your skills as a handler, solidify commands, and increase your dog’s repertoire of behaviors. Rally is the place to refine your communication skills and build on that relationship with your four-legged teammate. Praise, encouragement, and continuous communication are permitted in this sport – you are allowed to talk to and praise your dog to your hearts content in the rally ring! The only pre-requisite is having passed the Delightful Dog Class or similar beginner obedience class.

    This is a 5 week class, and each session is one hour long – same time, same day, and same place each week.

    Classes are $160.00
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