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  • 15 Dog Friendly Breweries in Denver

    15 Dog Friendly Breweries in Denver

    Posted April 20, 2017 By in Dogs & Family With | 2 Comments

    Dogs and Beer, two things every Denverite loves. And they’re even better when you can mix the two. Below you’ll find a list of dog friendly breweries in the Denver area! 

    Dog Friendly Breweries in Denver!

    1. Blue Moon Brewing Company in Rino 
    2. Tivoli Vrewing Company 
    3. Great Divide Brewing Company 
    4. Brewability Lab
    5. Comrade Brewing Company 
    6. Fiction Beer Company 
    7. Zuni Street Brewing Company 
    8. Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company 
    9. Mockery Brewing
    10. Renegade Brewing Company
    11. Strange Craft Brewery **
    12. Hogs Head Brewery **
    13. Beryl’s Brewery **
    14. Ratio Beerworks  
    15. Station 26 Brewing Company 

    **indicates a Noble Beast Dog Trainer’s favorite dog friendly brewery!

    Keep in mind that breweries can change their policy at any time, so it’s always a good idea to check their website before heading over! 


    Tips for taking your pup out to a brewery!

    1. Keep your dog on a 6 ft leash unless the area is clearly marked as “off leash”. Other areas may not be secure or safe for your pup to roam freely.
    2. Ask other owners and brewery visitors if your dog can say hi before letting your dog approach other dogs or people. Not everyone LOVES dogs and even social dogs sometimes need space.
    3. Watch your dog for signs of stress like lip licking and stress yawns. These may be signs that he’s not quite ready for such a hectic environment.  
    4. Make sure to bring some high value treats to practice obedience skills like sit, down and stay.
    5. Bring a comfy blanket and something for your pup to chew on while you enjoy your liquid treat. This will help to keep him occupied and happy.


    Not sure if your pup is ready for a brewery? Check out our Delightful Dog class where your dog will learn essential commands like recall, sit, down, stay and how to walk on a loose leash! If you’ve already taken a Level I obedience course, and still feel like you need more practice, Devine Dog focuses on using these same commands in a more distracting environment!

    Mindy Jarvis
    Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant / Owner of Noble Beast Dog Training

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Comments (2)

Hilary » 16. Apr, 2018

Could you tell me which breweries have dog merchandise. Such as: collars and bandanas.

Mindy Jarvis » 22. Apr, 2018

Hi Hilary,

Thank you so much for your comment. Where we are quite familiar with whether the breweries we list are dog friendly, we are unsure of which might have dog merchandise. I would absolutely give them a direct call however and they would be able to tell you directly. 🙂